Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is a traveling Betty

I have had a few people ask me "What is a traveling Betty"? Well, it started out as just Bettys,the daughter of a very good friend of mine said she & I were a couple of Bettys. Now my guess is she meant to say Bittys {like chickens,} but she said Bettys instead and it stuck. Not long after several friends{former shop owners in the town of Palo} started getting together about once a month for lunch and catching up on all the news .Every now and then we take a road trip.Usually someplace with a good place to eat and places to shop. Well when we started talking about haveing an occasional sale one of us said The Traveling Bettys Occasional Sale,we all agreed.So thats what a traveling Betty is. HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE SALE JUNE 10 4/8 JUNE 11 10/5 JUNE 12 10/5 The other Old Town Palo stores are also having OPEN HOUSE so there will be plenty of places to shop.

Monday, May 17, 2010

On The Go

Thursday, another crappy day cold and rainy.Arletta & I decided to take in some garage sales. We ended up at Four Sisters In A Cottage.What a cute little shop we had never been there before ,Amy is a real sweet gal and seems like she has fun with her store.
After we left there we decided to go on to Mt. Vernon, since it is only 6 miles up the road.First stop was the school house there is a new gift shop upstairs,lots of nice merchandise. 2 antique shops were open came away empty handed though just not in the mood to buy.
Ran across the street to Pollyanns, and this cute little table and chair set met us just inside the front door.
Polly was making candles and the whole store smelled like a flower shop, omg it was fantastic.
I keep thinking that someday I will make some candles. I know it is kind of easy, I guess I need motivation.
On Friday 4 of the 6 Bettys took a small road trip,our first stop was at Cross Creek Antiques, to see Barb C. believe it or not we caught her there, she is always on the go.
Off to Amana,our first stop was The Ronneburg, for lunch,it's a good thing I don't go there very often I would look like a whale,I love the food from Amana. Our next stop was The Smokehouse visited with Ruby & Cindy for a little bit, found out that Sandy from Noe House had opened a shop behind the bakery . The name is Amazing Grace, The store is just opening so still some work to do,I'm sure it will be another fun place to shop.