Friday, July 8, 2011

Barb H from Sister's Garden , she said she doesn't like to have her picture taken,she was a good sport and let me take a quick one.
I had never had a chance to really visit with her before ,I seem to always come when they are busy.There were only a couple of ladies in the shop so we had a chance to chat.What a sweet heart .
We made our way through both buildings and even came across Brandon upstairs.
Sharon's room Wild Things another multi-talented gal. A real hoot love her spirit.
Went on into Kalona made the rounds there .Stopped at the cheese factory and Stringtown grocery on the way back home
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Day before yesterday ML & I decided to take a run down to Sisters Garden. Made a stop on the way at Rug Cottage.Nancy gave us a tour of her vintage travel trailer named Lucy,it's cute as can be all done up 50's style. I would love to have one for myself .
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This is the veiw of the Iowa country side from the side of her shop .Summer in Iowa

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well the Mount Vernon show is in the history books for this year.
Kim & Glen Wolfe and all the volunteers did a fantastic job putting this together.
There were tons of people,old friends, new friends, first time dealers and some who have done shows all over the country.
I was really surprised to see Joyce and Mark(Annies Treasures ) Ron a dealer from Annies this was his first show ever anywhere.Karen from Annies was back this year, don't know how she made it through the day her dad had a sever stroke on Sun. morning(keep them in your prayers).
I saw and got to visit for about one minute with Polly (Pollyannes) on Sun just before we started setting up.Barb C (Simply Iowa) Mark Nutt and his great daughters they are a lot of help ,Wanda & Terry (Gatherings)
Dave & Lonnie (Grapevine in Amana ),Julie & Marjean. Sherry & her lovely sweet mom Lois,what a gal going strong I wish I had her energy and spirit. I almost forgot I met Anita & Judy(iowajunkgypsies) I know I am probably forgetting someone I apologize .
Oh last but not least our new neighbor Pam C from Fairfield first time in Mt. Vernon,she has a ton of linen and vintage jewerly.Said she liked the show and would be back next year,thats what we want new people who come back.
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