Friday, July 8, 2011

Barb H from Sister's Garden , she said she doesn't like to have her picture taken,she was a good sport and let me take a quick one.
I had never had a chance to really visit with her before ,I seem to always come when they are busy.There were only a couple of ladies in the shop so we had a chance to chat.What a sweet heart .
We made our way through both buildings and even came across Brandon upstairs.
Sharon's room Wild Things another multi-talented gal. A real hoot love her spirit.
Went on into Kalona made the rounds there .Stopped at the cheese factory and Stringtown grocery on the way back home
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  1. Thanks for visiting me & that's exactly the bug -- smaller then a ladybug and orangey. Someone told me to soak an onion in water for 24 hrs. & then put in spray bottle. I'm trying it -- we'll see what happens. I love Sisters & The Rug Cottage -- & the Cheese Factory. Jan