Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I know I am a little late getting this out , but I really have a good reason. Sunday night on the way home I felt a bit off ,but put it on being cold and tired. Well as they say it's not nice to fool Mother Nature. At 2 AM the stomach bug arrived with a vengeance.When I was able to be conscious on Tuesday every bone,muscle and fiber of my body felt like I had been run over by a truck, then he backed to see what he hit. Today I feel better I may even go out -OH MY . On the news the other they said there is a real good chance we could see 3 different strains of influenza in the next couple of months,YEAH. 2 of my grandchildren have Strepp Throat now.1 is in school and one is still at home,2 different famlies so the bugs are out there . FOR NOW STAY WELL -STAY WARM-TAKE CARE OF YOU- GINGER


This is a picture of Barb C that I took with a zoom lens (sorry Barb it's not a better picture).She looks so deep in thought.
Barbs friend and partner in crime Peg,was looking at my camera every time she turned around.I finally got a picture almost as nice as she is. When Barb says she's a sweety,no strech there what a super nice gal,and one of the most talened people I know. Her painted gourds are FABULOUS.
Jo and Dan at beer thirty. I finaly got over to there booth during tear down,there set was great as was everyone there It was a super show,this was our first time but for sure we'll go back and do it again.
Pollyann and Bob N were right across from us ,here they are busy busy ,again I must say great people and a pleasure to work with.
All and all we did as well as we hoped to. JON & CECILIA do a fabulous job of putting this show togetherlooking forward to doing it again
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