Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last Thursday a friend of mine needed to make a quick trip to Amana, so I rode along. She said she was going to a new antique store next to the Smokehouse.It turned out to be a fantastic place. The name of it is GRAPEVINE ANTIQUES and it is right next door to SMOKEHOUSE.

I'm not sure of her hours , but I think she's open 7 days a week.The owners name is Conni, and she is a real sweetheart.Well to make a long story longer we stayed and visited for about two and a half hours.The place is not full yet but she is working on it.She has a few consigners now, but as more space is ready (painting and such) there will be more.

This was a winery before Conni bought it so it has some nice built in shelving and cupboard space .I have more pictures ,I'll try and get them on tomarrow.
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Monday, August 2, 2010


Sat. as I came around the corner by my daughters house,this is what I saw.I knew the roof was gone from part of the house but it is still a shock to see. As you can probably tell it is a very old house .The main part is well over 100 years old,they really like the neighborhood,the school system,and their house. But it was just to small for 3 kids,the area where the guys are setting the trusses down was my grandaughters bedroom.Was not working well, 3yrs differance in age, and way different personalities.It could only get worse as they get older.
They decided to raise the original walls by 2 feet get rid of the slope and add another bedroom at the other end of the upstairs.Now they will each have their on space. Unfortunately my grandsons room will be in the middle.
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