Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well the Mount Vernon show is in the history books for this year.
Kim & Glen Wolfe and all the volunteers did a fantastic job putting this together.
There were tons of people,old friends, new friends, first time dealers and some who have done shows all over the country.
I was really surprised to see Joyce and Mark(Annies Treasures ) Ron a dealer from Annies this was his first show ever anywhere.Karen from Annies was back this year, don't know how she made it through the day her dad had a sever stroke on Sun. morning(keep them in your prayers).
I saw and got to visit for about one minute with Polly (Pollyannes) on Sun just before we started setting up.Barb C (Simply Iowa) Mark Nutt and his great daughters they are a lot of help ,Wanda & Terry (Gatherings)
Dave & Lonnie (Grapevine in Amana ),Julie & Marjean. Sherry & her lovely sweet mom Lois,what a gal going strong I wish I had her energy and spirit. I almost forgot I met Anita & Judy(iowajunkgypsies) I know I am probably forgetting someone I apologize .
Oh last but not least our new neighbor Pam C from Fairfield first time in Mt. Vernon,she has a ton of linen and vintage jewerly.Said she liked the show and would be back next year,thats what we want new people who come back.
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  1. Aww....was wishing I was there Ginger - glad you had great weather and a good time! Maybe I'll see you next year!