Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Cheer

For those of you who don't recognize her, this Ki Nassauer,from Flea Market Style magazine.She and Larry from Bachmans Ideas House,stopped in my booth .This positively blew me away,Ki is the friendliest ,sweetest person,we had a real nice visit I sure hope I have a chance to see her again.{Hi Ki, tell Larry hi for me .} Meeting those 2 was the highlight of my weekend.

This is Barb, she mans the popcorn stand right across the drive from us. believe it or not she is 85 years old .She has been volunteering ther e for as long as we have been doing the show and thats at least 8 years
Here are a couple of savy shoppers ,just sit in the stroller and look pretty and let the human do all the work.
I was glad to see my friend Sherri, from Cedar Falls, She does some real cool altered art.I think she is going to try and start a blog .I'll list it here if she gets one going.
Well I guess I better show you a couple of pictures from my booth ,and get on with the day

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  1. Hey Ginger!
    Thanks for the sweet comment.... I loved seeing you guys at What Cheer... I am tired, and weary.... I hate being jerked around... and it's always by someone ya never thought would... I guess if I didn't like the person, it really wouldn't have mattered much, would it... Oh well.... Thanks again...
    My Love to Ya....
    Barb C.