Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I bought this cactus several years ago at an auction for my son, well he never took it home so it's still here. Every spring I hang it outside in the same place.This year we had enough wind it turned around so many times the screw hook came loose and it crashed to the ground.I was devastated,I thought I killed my cactus.Iput it in a new basket and hoped for the best . As you can see not only is the cactus doing well,but we have renters.This is a mommy cardnal, that gets nervous when we go in and out of the door,which is often. I moved the whole basket the other day to the other side of the garage door (less traffic).And here is what she is sitting on,I'll be sure and put pictures on when the big event happens
This is just a picture of a beautiful butter yellow lily in my yard .I love taking pictures. Again mother nature at her best Hope to see all of you on the 4th in Mt Vernon G

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