Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A little here a little there
and TADA
I think there may be some confusion, this Betty Sale is for 3 days only,it isn't a shop, when we close most if not all of the items will be removed.
We may do this again in the fall don't know yet.

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  1. NO WAY is that the old barn...Lorie and I still talk about how much we miss the sweet lil' house in Palo, we loved that ol' cottage...but the barn, how cool is that.

    I want to get up there one of these days, but my dog grooming schedule is so busy right now, I only have the afternoons available and it usually takes me all afternoon to get my room into shape at Sisters and then I deliver soaps to Sandy's new shop...WHEW...it makes for a long day, I know you know what I mean!

    But hopefully soon...it looks fabulous can't wait to see it, say hello to everyone!