Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is what my daughters house looked like this past Sat. After a lot of long hours of very hard work,and some very good friends volunteering. The entire job from start to finish is all being done with out paying workers.
This whole thing was designed and figured out by my daughter and my son in law,I'm lucky to be able to change the bag in the shop vac.
The area at the top center of the picture will be my granddaughter Rylea's room,her mom said right away no windows on the garage roof side, she was afraid where that may lead in a few years (she's 7 now).
The corner in this picture with the blue Tyvek will be a mud/laundry room,it was never there before.The house ended where the green siding ended.
This is uncle Tim and his son I don't know who uncle Tim is ,but thats him putting on the soffit,two of the many volunteers,who are bringing this prject togetherPosted by Picasa

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