Monday, September 20, 2010


These pictures are from WHAT CHEER FLEA MARKET last fall,as you can see the weather was great,we are all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for a repeat.
It seems to have snuck-up on us this time,we are in no way ready.I'll have to pull out whatever I can find and hope it works.We do have a couple of nice cupboards that we got lately,I guess thats a start.`I'll keep you posted on what I find along with some pictures
Till later have a great day GINGER
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  1. Here's to perfect weather and great sales...looking forward to the pics!


  2. I saw your post about stopping on Sunday...unfortuntunately, I won't be open, and normally even I wasn't open I would certainly want you to stop anyway, but we will be gone. :(

    So Sorry!!!! Why is it that it is hardest to get in touch with the junkers that live the closest?!??! I can go all the way to MN, no problem! But when I want to go to somewhere local it doesn't work???? GRRRRR!!!!

    We need an eastern Iowa junkers club! We could meet 2-3 times a year and get to know each other!Hmmmmmmmm.....I might have to seriously consider starting this group!!

    I will try to find you at What Cheer - your picture looks VERY Familiar! Right inside the main gate???