Friday, September 10, 2010


These are just a couple shots of the front windows at Park Place in
Marion.Barb,Dan,JoDan,Jen(Barbs daughter), her daughters,my husband,one of my BFF Dawn,and me,spent last evening redoing the front windows. We had a blast,the picturesaren't the greatest,I'll take some more today.
As you can see this is a the Halloween window,my contribution.
This is Jen and her daughters window. It says HOMECOMING.I think both sides turned out really cool.Again I'll try to get more pics today.
This si one of the areas Barb reworked for a new look,she said it is a place for her to sleep when she works late.Uhm not so much,the bed looks a little to hard for my likeing.But I guess if you were caught in a snow storm it would be pretty comfy.
Gotta run for now have to be in Marion in 1/2 hour.Have a Great Day
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  1. It looks GREAT Ginger; what a great space with those big windows!