Wednesday, September 1, 2010


These three little pieces just seem to say" Will you play with us".The little tin stroller is in great shape, must have been treated pretty well.
This clock is way cool. At first I thought it was a sunburst clock from the mid 60's,we had one in our first apartment in Vegas in 1966.But my husband pointed out it was made out of horseshoe nails. How cool is that real folk art.
The rest of these items are a real mix ,rugs, vintage hand mirrors,a pair of ladies high botton shoes,a box of wooden barn pulleys and a dainty little clock.Just goes to show you never know what a good hunter gather will find on a Sat outing
I think most of these things will get boxed up for What Cheer .It is only one month away,the last one of the year ,sure hope all of you can make it down.
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  1. I would have thought that was a sunburst clock, too...nothing gets by Garth, does it? !!!

    Great finds!


  2. Looks like you found some Great Stuff!
    Give Garth a Big Pat on the Back!
    My Love to Ya!
    Barb C.

  3. Looks like alot of good stuff! Way to go!!!