Wednesday, December 22, 2010


When I was in retail it was said Christmas was the Busy Season. Well I have been out of retail for a few years now and it seems to have gotten a lot busier.But I wouldn't trade it for all the down time you've got.This is Caryn in Sonshine singers CHRISTMAS PROGRAM at church,no need for political correctness here. It's a church Christmas Program we all know what we're here for.
This is my oldest granddaughter in her middle school drama class production of Honk Jr.Basically the story of the ugly duckling but jazzed up just right
This is Rylea my daughters youngest girl in her school Holiday program.She is the little blonde in the middle in the red dress.Cute program, but it took her longer to get dressed than she was on the stage 2 songs per grade,and this was only grades 2,3 and4.
This is Andrew his birthday was last Friday the 17th,he turned 6 my my they grow so fast. I didn't get any pictures of his program,counting on his mother for some.
All together since Thanksgiving there have 7 programs 1 Anniversary and 1 Birthday.I made it to all but 2 programs.I missed 1 because the singer was home sick and 1 from scheduling conflict.
By the first of the year we will have Christmas and 2 more birthdays.My daughters oldest Grace will turn 11 on Jan. 1st and my sons youngest, Torsten will be 2 on the same day.
And to make things real exciting my son and his wife are expecting a baby due Jan. 9th
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  1. Wow Ginger - what a cute crop of grandkids! So great that you can be there for their special moments. Hope you, Garth and all of your family have a wonderful Christmas.