Monday, May 9, 2011


This is my first installment of the second edition of DOGS OF WHAT CHEER!
We had a great weekend,it started out a little shaky but then the sun came out and everything was cool. Imean warm
We went down on Wed. late afternoon,set up the tent and basicly called it a day. Thurs. was spent getting set up with a few customers. Thurs. night we went to an auction in Deep River and bought some more cool stuff. I'll try to have some pics but some of it is already sold hows that for a turn around. Fri.was a kick butt day one of our best single day totals. Lots of fun things going to new homes.
Sat. there were a ton of people, busy all day.Sun was pretty slow but that is normal, but the weather was great.I actually had to put sun screen on my nose but not before I got a little red. Pretty pale after all this gloomy weather.

1 comment:

  1. It was Great Seeing You Guys!
    You Had Great Wonder Ya Sold Great!!!
    Love to Ya!
    Barb C.