Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DOGS OF W.C. 10.2011

This little girl reminded me of my auntie ...she use to raise Bostons, then I found out her name is Greta......(my daughters name) OMG ....the gal said all the way home after getting her she just kept thinking I hope I don't regret this....and what do you know another Greta.and no she hasn't regretted it..
I'm not real fond of ankle biters ...but this little one was cute in her stroller!!!!!!
This is more my speed. A good old fashion German Shepard. For a pup he was doing real well,you have to imagine all the people and other dogs must be hard to concentrate on your owner......
She and her person were back and forth,back and forth all day......he stopped at the stand across the drive from us and bought a bottle of water. When I got this she was asking for a drink.... Very polite.
Last but not least this little bundle is about the size of a doll right now... I could not pass up a chance to take a picture of a bff ML loves Corgis,so this little sweeetie is for her .
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