Monday, April 12, 2010

can't wait till What Cheer

For months now we have been buying,marking,and boxing .And now spring is really here,it's time to finish loading the trailer and haul it on down the road to What Cheer. Our first Flea Market of the year I can hardly wait.Make no mistake it is a lot of work, but we have fun once it is set up. We go down on Wensday the 28th ,set up the tent on Thursday. Then bring out all the things we think the customers will be looking for and I hope a few surprises.Going to the Collectors Eye this week end got me real fired up to go.There were so many unusal things to see ,things that I have not seen at a show before.There was even a booth with nothing but chocolate molds ,lots of Santas and bunnies & even a PIG. While I was at the show my other half was at a sale in Newhall. I ask him not to stay to long as we had lots of work to do. We still had to go through the stuff we bought on Sat. which won't stay here very long, most of the goodies are headed for homes else where.We were lucky enough to get some tramp art hankie boxes,and some childerns books in great shape from 1939 & 1940. Beside getting ready for What Cheer,we need to take things to the stores we are in.We may or may not get it all done before we leave. This is going to be a busy spring,we are planning on setting up at the Summer Garden Party& Flea Market. June 4-5 at Annies Treasures in Cascade.Then would like to try to get into The Old Lincoln Highway show in Mt.Vernon on the 4th of July. And I must not forget the Traveling Bettys Occasional Sale in June date to be announced, be sure to look for this one it will be a real hoot ,6 former store owners, out to have a real good time,and put on a funtastic sale. This is the first one ever so keep your fingers crossed all goes well. Watch for more info as it becomes available. I hope to get some pictures on soon

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  1. I am excited that I too get to go to What Cheer. Where will you be set up? Don't want to miss you. Sounds and looks like you have alot of fun treasures!