Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yesterday was the second day this month I got to work at Park Place. I thought while I was there I would take some pictures to show all of you all the super cool things there. When I saw these three beds all lined up in a row The first thing that came to my mind was "who's been sleeping in my bed".As you can see there is much more, there are three floors full of antiques,more than enough to keep Baby Bear busy and lots of places for Goldilocks to hide. If your in the mood for a fiesta,come upstairs and take a look at this display the only thing missing are the Nachos,the Gauc and the margs.This is right across from my booth.Turn around and look right behind you and you should see this wall of pictures, this is our booth,we try to have something for everyone. If you like what you see come see us at the What Cheer Flea Market. April 29-May 1 We have been doing this show for about 9 yrs. and still have more fun than a couple old people should have.It can be pretty ruff at times rain, snow, mud, wind,heat but when it's all said and done we had fun. If your dolls are looking a bit tired and need a place to have a quiet drink and a little rest. My husband was lucky enough to be the one who came home from the auction with this beauty. The picture doesn"t show it real good , but it is a childs ice cream set.Can't you see a couple of little girls having a Tea Party,wearing big hats, long gloves and mommys pearls.


  1. Ginger, what fun! I'll be watchin'... have a great day - Polly

  2. Hey Ginger- thanks for stopping by my blog. I used to be a dealer at Park Place for many years. I have thought about coming back, but am turning inventory too fast right now to put any in a shop. Tell Barb hi from me- It always looks great!