Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far ,and of all days I picked it to go to Annies in Cascade.It's been so long since I have been there I had 2 empty shelves,but it looked pretty good after M L and I unloaded 5 totes of assorted stuff.
I took a couple of shots of the rest of the shop.
It took almost 3 hours to shuffle the booth, by the time we got done I had sweat dripping off my face. Joyce said we should try the new little place on main street J K Ross. Real neat place,it's a Tea Room in the front of the building (good food, lots of choices)and a clothing boutique in the back (nice selection, good prices). And she has a ton of jewelry,fun and funky, with lots of wild colors.
Having had a very nice lunch And shopped for clotheswe made our way to the other stores. I left my camera in the car when we went to Tammies, so no pictures this time.
I made sure I grabbed the camera before we went into Judy's so here are some pics of her place.
Next weekend is end of season sales at all three stores.I don't know about J K Ross,but it would be a good place to have lunch if you are in town for the sales. Try and stay cool and remember most schools start in about a month. And Christmas is 23 weeks from Sat.


  1. Nice to find empty shelves and your booth looks great! It's hot here too, but I prefer it to s-n-o-w!!


  2. I'm with snow, no snow, no snow!!!!