Friday, February 25, 2011


This picture was taken this morning near Decorah.There is a camera in the tree that snaps a picture every 2 min round the clock.This pair of EAGLES has called this nest home since 2007.They have raised a total of 8 babies(proper term eaglets) If you would like to see pictures or live feed go to Oh by the way there is all ready 1 egg, laid Wensday,they take turns sitting. Another egg is expected any time inthe next day or 2. The past 3 years it has been 2-3-3 ,so who knows. Let me warn you if you go to the live feed it is addicting, at one point wensday there were over 2,200 people watching at the same time. To get to live feed you need to go to HOPE YOU ENJOY EAGLE WATCHING UP CLOSE GINGER
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