Monday, March 14, 2011


On St.Patricks Day it's said we're all a wee bit IRISH. Well this year I can say in all honesty I'm a wee bit IRISH. For sometime I have played around with genealogy. Last fall I found a census page from Johnson county,listed was my Grandfather so I looked a little farther. Pretty soon I found an older census page that listed his father.On that census they ask more questions, one of them was Fathers country of origin and fathers native language. The answer was of no surprise to me Germany and German,that fits with everything I thought all my life. OK Then the next question was Mothers country and language,here comes the surprise country IRELAND language IRISH. I had no idea, but think it's cool as can be. My great grandmother was from IRELAND, and that makes me just a wee bit IRISH So this blog is for my Irish grandmother,that I really wish I could have known. I plan on continuing to play around with genealogy, who knows what else I might find.
Always remember to forget the troubles that passed away
But never forget to remember the Blessings come each day.

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