Monday, April 18, 2011


Last Friday was my turn to work, I only work 2 days a month. So when I'm there I walk all over the store to see whats new and take pictures. Well this Friday was such a crappy day I had lots of time to look around. This is a real cool table in Diana's booth, she has some real neat primitive stuff. This pair of figurines belong to Barb O, I'm not one that is into religous figurines but I think these are beautiful and very well done. If you agree hurry in cause I bet they won't last long.

Real neat corner cupboard ,it has wallpaper on the backside Way cool 50's tablecloth from Alaska. I'm told there are some of these you seldom see,because they were bought on family vactions.How many people from the midwest took family vactions to Alaska in the 50's? It's real neat to look at and see all the places on it .

Gonna go for now remember TAKE CARE OF YOU


  1. Ginger! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my page...SO excited to find your blog! I just love finding other local bloggers...and the pictures you're posting are going to do-me-in...some amazing pieces!

  2. I love the two small pitchers next to the Alaska tablecloth! And the crocks with advertising! Looks like a really neat shop!
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