Monday, April 4, 2011


Yesterday G1 and I went to the annual Auction and Flea Market at Vining Ia . It's been going on for several years now but this is only the second one we've made it to .It's a real event as you can see from the pictures. I think anyone from the surrounding area that has something they want to sell can bring it. Most of the stuff is farm stuff from old wooden chicken crates to full size tractors. We spent several hours there in hopes of getting a couple of special buys.We did come away with a GREAT old cupboard. Original green paint and made with square nails.(no picture) And a sunburn on my nose, really need to start thinking in terms of warm weather. G1 and I starting talking on the way home, this gnarly old cupboard with sq. nails would fit in real well at The Mad Hatter's GARDEN PARTY, SOOO we went straight to the Rabbit Hole. Long story short see if you can spot it at the GARDEN PARTY.

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  1. Hey Sweet Pea!
    Love...Love.... Love the Old Darling...
    I can't Thank You Enough...for Thinking of Me....
    I so wishI would have known about Vining....It is one of my most Favorite Places to Visit...
    Love to Ya!
    See Ya This Weekend...(I Hope!}
    Barb C.