Thursday, April 7, 2011


These are a couple of shots of Alice's booth. She's new to Park Place. I met her briefly one Friday afternoon as she and her daughter came in with the buffet in the next picture. They were there then they were gone so I only got to say a few words to them. She has some nice shabby chic furniture and prices seem fair. This cool green cupboard has the look. This week-end as I'm sure all of you know the Midwest Antique and Collector's Eye Shows are at Hawkeye Downs on Sunday. Be sure to stop by and say hi to Barb and Dan O,Dan & Jo A, Pollyann and all the great people who are at the show. If by Sunday you haven't made it out to Simply Iowa" Garden Party" in Fairfax. Be sure and make the trip, I guarantee you will see things you can't see anywhere else.

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