Monday, April 11, 2011


This picture and the next one are the best I took all day. Barb (Simply Iowa) loves to take pictures of everyone,but doesn't want her picture taken. Well I was over one isle and saw her talking got out the camera zoomed in and took it. Until she sees it here she doesn't even know I took it. It's good to see her smile.
This shot of Polly (pollyanns) and her dad Bob is great. Bob gave us a scare not to long back,was in the hospital for a bit. I am so glad to see him doing well, he is a great guy and Polly's pretty cool to.
Springy Easter table
Love this Americana set up at Barb and Dan O's (Park Place Antiques) booth. Glad they were having a good day. Jen was there to always good to see her.
There were so many great people I got to see. A special shout out to Sherry and her mom,I know they read the blog. Fun seeing you both can't wait till What Cheer. Got to see Darrel A haven't seen him in awhile, same with Colleen,Mark Nutt,Tom A the list could go on and on. I even managed to find a couple items to buy for me.
I'm off for now have to check in on the Decorah eagles, hope they made through the night it was real windy there.
Till next time TAKE CARE OF YOU


  1. Great pics Ginger, and they bring back happy memories of my weekend in Mt Vernon... (and that extra-sweet G & G couple who were my guardian angels all weekend - hugs to you!)


  2. Ginger... I can't thank you enough for the photo of Daddy and me. I will treasure it always. It is always wonderful to see you and your happy, smiling face... Thanks a million!