Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Our first stop today was the Livery Stable In Center Point.When ever I metion the store most people say where! Well for anyone who knows where it is or has been there, you know it is a real neat place with alot of cool stuff.If you have never been there ,it is located in what at one time was a real barn, 520 Washington St. This picture shows one of Lynn's Red White & Blue displays. Check it out if you get a chance.
This is Lynn owner of The Livery Stable
Our next stop was at the Linn News Letter,where we were greeted by Toby Joe.His job is to announce anyone who comes in the door much cuter than a bell don't you think? We made our way back to Center Point and to Joneys for a tenderloin yum.A couple of stops in Shellsburg,and call it a day.I feel like Barb C,without the hard work . Maybe tomarrow we'll find something else to do. Tune in tomarrow for the continuing adventures of The Traveling Betty's

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